About Us

What is Eligbam?

Eligbam.com is a shopping site for Fashion wears and Accessories also helps Brands increase their reach

Why Eligbam.com?
  • To Increase Sales and Reach a larger Audience

    Using ads that display on cross platform social feeds

    Featured product search on google.com(SEO), Providing Online Visibility

  • Help Brands Build a Base in the City

    Featured with the best Photographers and Models in the City

    Featured on exclusive runway shows in and around the City

    Online and Native Ad promotions on Local and Online Media platforms

  • Appealing to the Customers

    Easy access to Shops and Products

    Taking away the stress of being physically present

    Boost Surfacing and Window shopping

  • Exquisite Feel

    Using product photography to generate content for Online display and a structural,
    catchy look that keeps customer's interest

A few words about

Our team

The No.1 Fashion Mall in the City

Ochedike Prosper

Brand Developer

Kufre Edward

Product Manager

Amanda Smith

Marketing Head

Worldwide shipping

Eligbam.com provides shipping around the world


Eligam.com ensure quality with high management to provide efficient and complimentary services

Best Offers

Eligbam.com assures top notch offers on all fashion wears

Secure Payments

Eligbam.com also ensures card safety and does not give out your informations